Thursday, June 30, 2005

iPod in Pain

After waiting one month for it to arrive, I have finally joined the cult of NOVA yuppies who ride the Metro and wander DC fashioning the tell-tale white earbuds that fill their heads with streaming music. I am now a proud iPod owner, and aside from the fact that my ears are clearly too small to accommodate these earbuds (clearly made for giants only), and the fact that listening to music is not only a source of constant entertainment, but physical pain for me, I am very pleased.

It goes without saying that at this time, I am very much regretting having pierced my tragus a year ago. For those of you who do not know what a tragus is, calm down, it’s not what you’re thinking. I’m referring to my inner ear - the cartilage that extends from your face to where your ear begins – supposedly, the most painful part of your body to pierce. (It has continued to hurt ever since I got it.) If you don’t believe me, I dare you to try it, or better yet, squeeze your finger nails gently into both sides of the cartilage and see how much of that you can tolerate. I kid you not. In any case – I clearly digress – given this, you can only imagine how uncomfortable it has been for me to jam these super-human-giant-sized earbuds into my ear every five seconds when they fall out. In fact, my tragus – which is now nearly purple from the abuse it’s put up with since I got my iPod - has been the cause of many a conversation with random strangers on the Metro who’ve inquired about how I manage to comfortably use earbuds given my obtrusive piercing. Obviously, I don’t manage. It’s horrible.

Nevertheless, I love my little turquoise iPod -- little and compact, just like me. Every so often, I spot another iPodder who gives me a nod or a smile and I wonder how I managed to get by before becoming a member of this digital music fraternity. Every so often, I spot some poor misguided soul, still stuck in the past, wearing huge earmuff style headphones and holding a 5lb CD player in their hand, and wonder when they too will be enlightened. As I wander through the streets of Arlington, Virginia, blasting The Used or listening to the lead singer of My Chemical Romance scream his freakin head off into my ear, I am content to have a soundtrack to my life.

I’ll be more content, however, when my new (midget-sized) earphones come in next week. Hopefully, before my tragus falls off! Either way, as long as the song remains the same, I’m sure I’ll be content…



No-L said...

I have the same problem with the ear buds, they're HUGE. Seriously, why would the iPod mini come with massive ear buds? I have and love the green one. Where did you find the midget ear buds?

Nunzia said...

I found them on They are Sony MDR-EX71SL/WK Fontopia Headphones.. I should get them tomorrow so I'll let you know how they work out.

Julian said...

Are you happy now? I signed up to this thing JUST so I can comment on your blog thingies :)
p.s ipods are pure evil.... and while I'm at at, macs are also pure evil :D
Have fun!

No-L said...

How did they work out? Are they small enough for your ears? Just curious, wanted to order them if you thought they worked out well.

Nunzia said...

they actually fit really nicely and never fall out... the only thing is the sound is kind of dull in general (not that the sound was great on the regular earbuds to begin with) and it really blocks out other sounds so you have to be careful when walking in the street. and one more negative: the wire is either too long or too short (they have an attachment to legnthen it but it's ridiculously long). I've found that clipping them to my shoulder strap on my bag works, but there's still little slack without the attachment (which I could literally jump rope with!)

Overall, though, i do recommend them.