Friday, April 14, 2006

The Greatest Lesson

Every now and then, I wonder: Where is my walk leading me? Where am I going and am I staying the course God intends for my life? There are times when it feels that I’ve drifted so far off track that there is no going back. There are times when I feel like I’m just standing still, too stubborn to care. And there are times when I feel like I’m walking so strong in my faith that the fiercest storm couldn’t move me an inch. But what troubles me most is the lack of consistency. And this is where I struggle.

Today is Good Friday, the Christian holiday that remembers the day Christ was crucified. We label it good because in fulfilling His destiny, Christ saved us. Earlier this week, we celebrated in rememberance of the Last Supper, when Jesus broke bread knowing that it would be the last time He’d be with His closest companions before facing crucifixion. Did Jesus wonder these same things that have occupied my mind today?

I think that we often overlook one of the greatest lessons of Christ’s journey to the cross. Though we spend Easter focusing on how Christ conquered even death to free us from sin, there is another story that I try and focus on. And it’s the one that is easiest for me to relate to most times, as I’ve certainly never had to bear any burden as great as His! It’s the fact that Jesus wept.

When Jesus prayed in the garden and asked God to let the cup pass from His lips, He too was shaken and confused. I’m sure He was thinking of how much He’d miss his family and friends. I’m sure He was somewhat afraid. Nevertheless, in spite of that moment of extreme honesty, when He poured out His heart before God, He immediately acknowledged that He would do His Father’s will no matter what. There are few of us that face difficult commands – though they pale in comparison to this - with such grace and less still who vow to do God’s will no matter what it means.

I wish I had the wisdom that I often lack. And I guess that’s all part of the journey for a Christian. Trying to walk as He did, trying to be strong and good as He was. But the sad reality is that we will all fail. We will all fall short.

But the good news is that it doesn’t matter, because Christ’s blood, which was shed on the cross, washes away the stain of sin on each of us, no matter how deep and dark that stain can be.

On Sunday, we will shout “He is Risen. He is Risen, indeed,” and I will remember that even our Perfect Savior had moments of doubt and despair. And I will trust that God will guide me through, even the difficult times. He’s certainly gotten me this far!

God's Grace...


Batman said...

It's funny. As I sit here today, on the verge of making a major decision that has the potentials of screwing me, I come across this entry of yours. Perhaps this is part of God's doing.

Thank you, Nan. Your entry provides hope - something I could really use right now.

Talk to you soon.

~Deb said...

Interesting you speak of this. I was thinking this earlier this morning of how Christ was so strong not to give into temptation. He was human—like us. His faith was so strong—that it wasn’t a matter of ‘faith’; but a matter of ‘knowing’ that His Father was real. We sometimes rely on what we see---as opposed to blind faith.

“You believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who haven’t seen me and believe anyway.” ~John 20:29

In that scripture above—that’s just what it is---Jesus “knew” his destination, and we live in the carnal state; while battling with our spiritual nature that wants to do God’s will. We HAVE to rely on faith—the more faith you have—the more you’ll do God’s will.

Everyone has a cross to bear, and remember that God knows your heart. If you truly believe that Christ died for you today, then you are saved. Thank God, right?

Happy Easter!

Kristi said...

Wow Nan, thanks for sharing that. That was really encouraging.

Enjoy your weekend celebrating our risen Savior!

J. Wendell said...

Greetings Nan,
another good post!

Great minds often do think alike (Phil. 2:5). Stand steadfast in the security that our Lord provides. Some one said, "When you’re certain of your future, you can confidently, concentrate on the present”

God’s best,
brother John

J. Wendell said...

Hi Nan,
another good post!

Great minds often do think alike (Phil. 2:5).

Stand steadfast in the security that our Lord provides. Some one said, ”When you’re certain of your future, you can confidently, concentrate on the present”

God’s best,
brother John

J. Wendell said...

Greeting Nan,
another good post!

Great minds often do think alike (Phil. 2:5). Stand steadfast in the security that our Lord provides. Some one said, ”When you’re certain of your future, you can confidently, concentrate on the present”

God’s best,
brother John

J. Wendell said...

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Duh... sorry. :)

green said...

Excellently written post, nan. It's true we all fall short but I praise God that He made the ultimate sacrifice for me this week and because of it I am forgiven.

Have a safe and Happy Easter, you and M.

George In Auburn said...

Nan, Your words are such an inspiration to me. We all waver, stray and go forward. That is in our quest to each day become more Christ-like.

Thank you.

martie said...

Nan, this is a wonderful post. It says so many of the things that a lot of us are thinking. Praise God, He is Risen!!

Have a Blessed Easter!

Anonymous said...

Shout for joy, for He is Risen!

Happy Easter Sunday!

God loves you and bless you!

Godwyn Lim said...

Dear Sister Nan,

Great post! A righteous man is one who falls 7 times but still arise...

Blood of Jesus is a stream of eternity, never stop flowing, washing away all our sin, yesterday, today & forever.

Wish you had a good Easter!

cybeRanger said...

Indeed, Jesus understands our struggles..

Let's learn to cope with hope of God.

audrey` said...

Thank you so much for sharing this very encouraging post with us, Nan :)

Flex J! said...

... and you will certainly give more glory to God in the future...

Let's continue in Christ's infinite love...

keep on sis....


Flex J! said...

...and let us rejoice for he is risen......

Happy Easter!!

Pia said...

that's why Jesus knows what we're going through, even our pain, he understands. because just like us he was also human.

let's keep our faith and keep on keeping on. happy easter, nan and God bless. =)

Damian said...

Jesus didn't want to die at 33 any less than any other person but as you said it not His will but His father's. For God so loved the world - that's probably the most profound scriptures in the Bible. Thank God He sent is son to save me. Keep pressing on and let Jesus lead.

clew said...

I agree, Nan. Jesus' hours in Gethsemane are indeed as much a part of the Easter story as any other.

Your blog is a blessing to me today, as always. :) Hugs!

Nunzia said...

Thank you all so much and i hope you all had a blessed Easter! You are all blessings to me.

Ryan S. said...

"Where is my walk leading me?"

Getting way off topic-- I've seen your name pop up in comments here and there... I went to college with Brad Cochran.

Anyway, best wishes in your ambitions of being an attorney- as I noticed in your profile. That is what I want to be: my interests are chiefly constitutional law. I wouldn't mind doing an internship with a public-interest law firm like the Rutherford Institute. I hope to make law review if providence leads me back to law school.

Here is one of my recent freelance articles:

My only advice to impart would be to STUDY STUDY STUDY and do it in God's strength, and make sure you have a little nestegg, support from parents if possible or the financial resources available.

I crashed and burned figuratively speaking, because I went to law school (specifically Regent Law, Pat Robertson's school) right after undergrad at Liberty, but without the financial resources. So, had to drop out my first year without the loan package sufficient to cover my debts. It was a learning experience, but a costly one. I hope to go back in five years. The upside is there are as many thirty-somethings as twenty-somethings in law school. Sometimes, it's better to have real world experience.