Monday, June 20, 2005

EBay Listing: My Life, Good Condition, Slightly Used

In spite of my Tiffany jewelry and Coach bag and wallet (none of which I actually purchased myself), I've always considered myself to be a girl of simple means and tastes (OK, so maybe not with clothes!). But with regards to the so-called "finer things in life," I can honestly say that I've never been known to be materialistic. Yet, in 2 short days, I've learned: In spite of whatever preconceived notions you have about how much you have, it's a strange and scary thing to sit down and look at the things you value, only to realize of what little value they really are.

Yesterday, I found out that I lost my editing job (aka my livelihood). This job was the only reason that I was able to keep my [$400k] apartment [that is being ripped out from under me as Ballston slips further and further into its imaginary role as MANHATTAN] and not move into a cardboard box on the corner of Fairfax Drive when my rent was raised by $200 in April. This would also explain why I've been able to live in such a great little corner of Arlington while working a public policy/non-profit (aka I make no money) job without slinging plates anymore at the local pub and grille, as I did before. And it got me thinking... how much does the value we assign to the things we value translate in the outside world?

So sadly, yesterday, after receiving the upsetting news, I set about to search my apartment for anything of any value that I might be able to sell on EBay. Very sadly, the list of things worth value included some antique vases that I'm not permitted to sell should I wish to remain in the family, my Apple iSight which I no longer need now that X is out of the picture (now filed under EBay Listing#...), and... well... that pretty much sums it up! As for things that I've bought and do not want, the list falls short at a poorly chosen John Mellencamp CD (what was I thinking? I know!) and a Velvet Revolver CD I recently bought but was unimpressed with. Yeah... that should NOT be too helpful in regards to making rent.. huh? Do you think anyone would want to buy X's old t-shirt or a stuffed frog I won at a street fair?

So, as I continue to examine the contents of my very humble little life, I realize that although I do not have all too many possessions, the things I value are those that others would not appreciate...

And that gives me a much greater appreciation for the things I have...



R. U. Serious said...

There was a lady in I think Houston that sold advertising on her breasts.

Just a thought.

Damned If I Know

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