Friday, January 13, 2006

Besting Barbie?

After a hectic holiday filled with much of the usual fare and the official announcement of my recent engagement to my family, I’m still recovering… The fact that I’m engaged has slowly but surely sunken in and now I’m just trying to enjoy it while it lasts. Still, the nagging questions of when and where and how are all flying at me relentlessly. For example, I was asked by at least 3 people on the day after M popped the question whether or not we’d set a date yet. YET?!?! Do people usually set a date in under 36 hours?? Nevertheless – and in spite of whatever today’s current trends are - I’m taking this in stride and cautiously so.

So how does engaged life differ from dating life? Well, aside from having a notably large diamond ring that by far bests any other piece of jewelry I’ve ever owned in my entire life on my left hand, and aside from dodging the aforementioned questions, hoping I don’t blind anyone on the metro with my newest accessory, feeling a deeper attachment and security in my relationship with M, and having to tell and re-tell the story of our engagement to countless others, I’d say it’s pretty similar. :)

I must admit, however, that it is taxing. A recent rush of newly engaged co-workers has succeeded in putting every issue from dresses to rings to flowers front and center and making each of them entirely unavoidable. Not that I’m being evasive in anyway. I am - truth be told - a devotee of browsing and WeddingChannel websites obsessively. I’ve also taken heart in the fact that I can now live vicariously through my rail-thin co-worker (the model) by clipping every gown I wish I were a foot and a half taller to wear and passing it to her each morning. It’s more fun than playing Barbie ever was!

But the real fun will begin this weekend… when I discover for myself what the infamous designer “trunk show” is all about. I’ve been informed to bring with me magazine clippings of what I’d like to look like. I’m wondering whether or not they’ll be amused when I show up with pictures of gowns fit for tall, waif-like women that are twice my height. I’m 4’10 1/2'” (and no one will deprive me of that half!) – but so what? That can’t be what I want to look like?! Who among us doesn’t want to look like a towering model? Forgive my dabbling in stereotype, but really now…

Though it was my nickname in summercamp for many years when I was younger (and probably the same height!), whether or not I’m ready for the role of Barbie quite yet is to be seen -- but Lord knows, I’m enjoying every minute of it. That is... until I see myself in blaring unforgiving pale white tulle. That will be another story… Stay tuned!


Corry said...

Nan, I am sure you will look good in any wedding gown! Thanks for the update, it's good to know you are doing well and enjoying all of it:-) May God bless you even more!

God's Grace.

Bill Scott, Sr. said...

Congrats again on the engagement. A wise person once told me this:

Go into marraige with both eyes wide open and after marraige look at things with one eye shut.

Enjoy these times; don't get lost in the details, just enjoy them.

Bill Scott, Sr. said...

I just added a bunch of pictures on the post of mine that you just read. Pictures of Tobias as he went through these hard times.

You don't need to post this in your blog......I just don't have your email address.

green said...

Before you know it, you will have been married to M for a long time. And you will be very happy.

Keep us up on the details!

Congrats again

Rick's Corner said...

Enjoy the whole scene. Make a date for the wedding when you are ready, and don't let anyone try to put over any one-up-manship on you.

Hope to see some political stuff from you when you get time.

My summer camp is having a reunion. Check out my picture on the blog I set up.

crossblade said...

thats sweet!!!

make the most out of and marraige are the most precious things one can have in life...

enjoy it!! treasure it!! cherish it!!

God bless you Nunzia....

he he good to see you posting something I can understand... :)

hey by the way did you see Narnia!!
would love it if u write something on in on one of ur posts..if u have the time!!!

GOd bless you !! and M too :)

audrey` said...

Hi bride-to-be :)
I'm so excited for you ;)
Enjoy yourself!

Eddo said...

I saw you on Bill's blog, I love it when the blog world comes full circle and I see old friends on new blogs! Now I am going to read your post, I just had to say that really quick.

Pia said...

enjoy every moment of it. when i was engaged to be married, i attended all wedding expo here and browsed every wedding sites i could get my hands on. i enjoyed every minute of it. every bride has a beautiful aura in her wedding gown. you'll be just as beautiful, i'm sure. congratulations! i'm so happy for you.

Damian said...

I was there somewhat just a few months ago. Before you know it you will be looking in his eyes and wondering how you reached this far and how smooth its going. Keep God front and foremost and His leading is sure and safe. I will pray for you and ask the prayer team at my church to do the same.

Damian said...
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Kristi said...

Nan, sounds pretty exciting! If you want the truth about height, I am pretty tall for a woman, (5'8") and always wishing that I were at least 2 inches shorter. I just hate it when I'm taller than all the guys around. It's so awkward. So enjoy your height! And enjoy engagement! Best wishes!

martie said...

Take it slow, don't be in any hurry to pick a date, enjoy the engagement! Best advice I can offer......glad to hear you are still happy and excited about it. Have fun! Hugs!